You hodl your family, which is geek on crypto philosophy? And also you feel, that every new thing became traditional over time. You are used to mine, not to serf the Bottom. So you have values to pass on your kids… Let’s start from scratch and learn some simple codes?

Hoodies, t-shirts, sweatshirts and bodysuits – each cloth should be marked with Holy Crypto, giving the right energy to your kids. No matter, which look is onstage, - Baby Bitcoin Sweatshirt or Unicorn Hoodie – the eternal Crypto values work on kid’s Road Map.

Your kid was just born, - put him in the Baby Evolution of Bitcoin bodysuit: the summery in images for the little ones.

Your little girl has threw her dolls and suddenly starts mine her Ethereum? The Kids Crypto Ganesha Sweatshirt will be an ideal present for your little successor.
Thatch your roof before the rain begins, – be Advisor for a future «Buterins»!